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Haute House Fabric
, created by the same founders that created Haute House Home, Casey Fischer and Harry Marshall, use there years of experience using a multitude of textiles to create luxurious home furnishings and home accessories to bring to you the best fabrics in the textile industry at competitive prices. 

"I love textiles! I have since I was a child using the scraps from my mother's sewing projects to create everything from pillows, crafts and pants!", says Fischer. 

"I have tried every fabric in the book - I know the pluses and minuses of every bolt - and it has always been a dream of mine to bring my hand selected textile collection to the masses!  Every fabric is hand-picked by me so you know it is quality. Many of these fabrics I have used multiple times in a multitude of projects so I stand firmly behind them. To all of you fabric aficionados out there, I hope you enjoy Haute House Fabric and all the beautiful threads we have accumulated!"